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CPLP™ Study Group

This wiki is intended for those members pursuing CPLP certification.


Welcome to the ASTD CPLP Study Group wiki! We will use this page as a reference source for study information.

Additional CPLP Information: http://www.astd.org/content/ASTDcertification/ 


ASTD Learning System

Should you purchase materials or services from the ASTD Store supporting your study effort, please remember to use the ChIP code CH9047.  When you use this code, the Atlanta chapter receives a share of ASTD Store revenue to continue funding services and programs Wikidot.


Contact Information 

This wiki is managed by Sarah Gilbert cplpstudy@att.net.  For more information about ASTD Atlanta, please visit: http://www.astdatlanta.org



Study sessions will be held over WebEx. The only exceptions are Sessions 1, 2, and the review at the Knowledge Development Center (KDC). Please check out the Study Group Calendar for more information.

24 May 2010

Are you ready for our LAST WEBEX for this study group?!? This Thursday, May 27th, we will be covering Session 12 Organizational Knowledge . Be sure to visit the link for this session to review important information before we meet on Thursday! I look forward to "seeing" everyone. Check the Study Group Calendar for webex login information.


Also, please remember our Review Session will be held next Thursday, June 3rd at the KDC! This will be a face-to-face review so that we can pull everything together. To help with your review, I have added links with handouts for many of the sessions to the sidebar (on the right of this page)!


17 May 2010

Thank you for joining us last Thursday to study Managing the Learning Function. In Session 11 this Thursday, we will be discussing Coaching and Career Planning. Please visit the Study Group Calendar and scroll down to the bottom of the page for the webex sign-in information!


7 May 2010

Last night we had a great session regarding Managing Organizational Change! We learned so much I think we could easily move cheese ;)


Join us next week on 5/13 for Session 10: Managing the Learning Function with the group! You can check the Study Group Calendar for login instructions to the webex. Also, check out the Linkedin CPLP Study Group discussion board.


6 May 2010

Join us for Session 9: Organizational Change tonight at 7pm via webex! Can't wait to study with everyone. Visit the Study Group Calendar for more information (scroll down to the bottom for webex info).


29 April 2010- Session 7 Webex CANCELLED

Due to a facilitator emergency, we have to cancel tonight's webex on Measuring and Evaluating. We will reschedule the event for a later date.


Please be prepared for next Thursday, May 6th, when Mark Myette will discuss Organizational Change for Session 9!


20 April 2010

How about that session on Delivering Training last Thursday with Patsy? A very engaging, informative session is just what helps keep us motivated through this study session! Thank you so much for volunteering Patsy! We really enjoyed your session!


This week we have Deborah Wilson giving us a deeper look into Module 3: Human Performance Improvement (HPI). We are certainly looking forward to a wonderful webex this Thursday!


Remember, you can find Resources to the right of this page in the Links toolbar. Please share any information you feel has been or will be helpful on our CPLP adventure! Also, visit the Study Group Calendar for more information on each session (including the webex links and session info).


13 Apil 2010

I know that you all are busy studying for the upcoming session on Deliverng Training! Deb and Sharon gave a great introduction and review of both Designing Learning and Delivering Training last week. We look forward to Patsy giving us more insight and practice with Delivering Training through her case study!


If you havent' already, please visit the Linkedin CPLP group discussion boards for homework assignments, questions, and more! As always, feel free to contact any member on the Team Project Area for more information!


5 April 2010

We are really excited about the turnout for Session 3 Designing Learning  Please visit the link to see a recap of the models and information covered. There are homework assignments posted in our CPLP Study group on Linkedin for this and next week. I've also added a Question of the Day! Please submit your answers and I will provide feedback once you've all had a chance to respond.


See you on Thursday, 8th for Session 4 Designing Learning and Delivering Training. You can access the Webex login information on the Study Group Calendar page at the bottom. Please contact a team member listed in the Team Project Area if you have any questions!


26 March 2010

Our Session 2 Work Product Meeting was a huge success! Thank you Mark for the materials and sharing your knowledge/ experience! If you missed the meeing or would just like a copy, here are Mark's presentation matierals.


For work product guidelines, examples, etc.. go straight to the source (ASTD): http://www.astd.org/content/ASTDcertification/CPLPBulletin.htm


Register for Session 3: Designing Learning Webex at http://astdatlantacplpapril1.eventbrite.com/


25 March 2010

Tonight is our last face-to-face meeting before the final review on June 3rd. Join us at the KDC at 7pm to participate in the CPLP Work Product, Session 2!


Also, don't forget that there is homework due (check out the study group discussion board on Linkedin (CPLP--ASTD Atlanta).


I've updated the Study Group Calendar page with the session facilitators, producers, and webex login information... take a look!


18 March 2010

We had a big turnout for Session 1- The ASTD Learning System. Check the Twitter Recap to see a live (RSS) feed of the event.


I've added a new link to the sidebar called Ask the Expert . Please ask questions here and feel free to reply to any questions you are able to answer!   


12 March 2010

Register for the CPLP Study Group Session 1: The ASTD Learning System http://astdatlantacplpmarch.eventbrite.com/


3 March 2010

Check out the Resources page. You can add your links and resources here.


25 February, 2010

Last night's kick-off meeting was a success! I am SO EXCITED that we have so many participants this year! This will be an excellent opportunity to learn from each other and prepare for the CPLP certification... just for being an ASTD Atlanta Chapter Member!


The Twitter Recap from the meeting can be found on the link to the right of this page. Thank you to Dawn for helping out!!


Look forward to our next meeting on March 18th, 7p.m. We will be at the KDC again. As soon as we have an event link, I will post it here for everyone to register. Check out the Study Group Calendar for dates and topics! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at cplpstudy@att.net.


19 February, 2010

Please join us at our 2010 Study Group Kick-Off at KDC. To register for this free event, go to: http://astdatlantacplpfebruary.eventbrite.com

Recent Visitors

Comments (6)

Deborah Thomas said

at 11:45 am on May 13, 2009

Are you interested in acquiring the tools to stand out from the competition in workplace learning and performance? The ASTD Certification Institute’s Certified Professional in Learning and Performance Certification (CPLP) provides a way for you to prove your value as a workplace learning and performance professional to employers and to be confident in the field. Best of all, it’s free!

The CPLP consists of two parts – a multiple choice knowledge exam on 9 areas of expertise followed by a work project submission.

If you are planning to take the CPLP knowledge exam during the 2009 3rd or 4th quarter testing window and would like to be part of a study group, please join us!

CPLP Study Groups are a great way to meet with other professionals and learn the material together.

The Study Group is scheduled to meet on Thursday evenings for 12 weeks through face-to-face meetings and webinars. Each of the 9 Knowledge Exam modules will be facilitated by a subject matter expert for that module.

• Designing Learning
• Delivering Learning
• Human Performance Improvement
• Measuring & Evaluating
• Facilitating Organizational Change
• Managing the Learning Function
• Coaching
• Managing Organizational Knowledge
• Career Planning & Talent Management

The study group will be managed by
Laurie Gilmore, M.Ed, CPLP and Fran Weber, MBA

Sarah Gilbert said

at 10:18 pm on Feb 19, 2010

2010 CPLP Study Group!

Join our kick-off event at the KDC on 2/25/2010. You can register to attend at http://astdatlantacplpfebruary.eventbrite.com/
I will also be Tweeting from the event (#atlcplp).

Can't wait to meet you all! Feel free to email questions to cplpstudy@att.net

Karen Sieczka said

at 9:44 am on Feb 26, 2010

Thank you to all the facilitators. I know it's a huge time investment for you all.

Sarah Gilbert said

at 11:54 am on Feb 26, 2010

Thanks Karen! I am so glad you invested your time to come to the kick-off and be a part of this group!

Ron Duff said

at 2:36 pm on Mar 20, 2010

Sarah, thank you for whatever changes you made, I was able to add my name to the group members list.

Ron Duff said

at 5:02 pm on Mar 26, 2010

Great presentation by Mark Myette last night, easy to see why he’s the president-elect.

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